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Mark Dawson with James Blatch: Best-Selling Indie Author and Rookie Novelist team up to talk Self Publishing with key players in the industry.

Sep 29, 2017

Kevin Tumlinson from Draft2Digital reveals the company’s exciting new plans for indie authors wanting to make the most of the audiobook market. This week’s highlights include: Changes to the tools available for indie authors at Draft2Digital The new partnership between Findaway Voices and D2D Details on...

Sep 22, 2017

Felicia Yap talks at length about how she achieved global success with her first novel – and how she’s dealt with the repercussions. Highlights of this week’s episode: Felicia’s unique and intriguing premise for her new thriller, Yesterday Working out story ideas on the dance floor Felicia’s very flexible...

Sep 15, 2017

How do you go about ensuring that ALL of your books are out there earning for you? Cue, self publishing wiz, Chris Fox, on how to get the most out of your previously released books. This week’s key highlights: Chris’s beginnings as a writer and his background in Silicon Valley About Chris’s books and videos […]

Sep 8, 2017

The SPF Income Report, a unique look behind the scenes of a best-selling indie author’s advertising spends and revenue is back! Check out the stories behind the spreadsheets, graphs and stats from August 2017.

Sep 8, 2017

One of Mark and James' editors, Jenny Parrott, discusses the role of the professional editor in an author's life. Clearly as devoted to storytelling as any writer, Jenny explains some strategies authors can use to improve their stories, and why editing is such a crucial part of successful book creation.